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Scubapro - Mk2Evo First Stage/R095 Second Stage

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MK2 EVO SCUBAPRO’s classic MK2 EVO is a reliable workhorse, and it’s the only downstream piston-style first stage with internal components specifically designed to resist freezing in extreme cold-water conditions. It’s a great entry-level regulator for new divers, and also for veteran divers and travel divers who like to keep their diving simple and affordable. PATENTED EXTENDED THERMAL INSULATING SYSTEM (XTIS) Fully isolates the mechanical elements from the cold, increasing freezing resistance by an average of 50% over its predecessor without compromising breathing performance. MODERN COMPONENTS Additional internal technical improvements include a spring insulating bushing and coating, an insulating piston bushing, an insulating sleeve and an antifreeze cap, all of which contribute to freezing resistance. EASY TO MAINTAIN Stainless steel removable orifice allows for easier maintenance while extending regulator life. COLD-WATER CERTIFIED Meets EN250-2014 standards for cold-water breathing performance.

Built with classic downstream technology, R-Series 2nd stages are rugged, reliable and economical. They are versatile too, they are perfect choices for use on stage or pony bottles, or as octopus regulators. And when teamed with the time-honoured MK2 EVO you get a regulator system with proven performance.

Teamed with the R095 OCTOPUS you have an awesome set-up. The R095 is a design based on the heritage of the classic R190 second stage, reengineered with modern features and materials. Its simple and robust construction offers the utmost in reliability and makes the R095 the ideal second stage for new divers. A perfect choice for stage tanks and octopus regulators. BUILT TO LAST Rugged fiberglass-reinforced nylon casing can take abuse. LARGE PURGE BUTTON Easy to activate, even wearing thick gloves.

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