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PADI Distinctive Speciality Coral Nursery Cleaning Course

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This Distinctive Speciality is unique to Dive Rarotonga

Coral Nursery Cleaning Distinctive Speciality


The Coral Nursery Cleaning Distinctive Speciality introduces you over two dives to the techniques applied to maintaining and cleaning Coral Transplant Nursery structures and the reasons for doing so. Small class sizes make this a very personal Course which is carried out on our own independent Coral Nursery project here in Rarotonga.


You'll learn why diving whilst task loaded can increase your gas consumption and also diminish your overall awareness of your surroundings.

It will introduce the discipline required to ensure your own safety and that of your buddy.

It will apply your previously learned buoyancy skills in conditions likely to be affected by surge and low visibility

  • Why clean the frames.
  • Why monitor.
  • Why record your actions.
  • Techniques for effective cleaning
  • Effective buddy contact while occupied.
  • Safe techniques used to transport necessary equipment underwater.

All academic work is carried out in our on-site classroom.

Prerequisites & Requirements

Age Requirement
15 years or older

Course Prerequisites
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification), PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy (or qualifying certification)

Time Commitment
Approximately 12 hours

Available Languages


For information on other available languages please contact Dive Rarotonga.


Most modern scuba equipment and dive computers can be used during this Course, but your PADI Instructor will let you know about additional non-standard equipment.


Getting Started

Sign up for Coral Nursery Cleaning Distinctive Speciality- to get your Course dates scheduled. The classroom-based course content allows you to study at your own pace with Instructor guidance on hand. The Course cost includes your classroom session, two dives and PADI certification fees upon successful completion of the Course.

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