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Catalina Dive Cylinders are manufactured by APP (Aluminium Precision Products), 
the world’s largest producer of precision aluminium and iso-thermal titanium forgings supplied to the aerospace industry. 
Utilising APP’s technology and quality guidance, Catalina Cylinders have become true leaders in the diving industry. 
Backed by a 10-year manufacturing defect warranty, the Catalina Dive Tank Cylinder is strong and built to last.

Catalina Dive Tank Cylinder Features:
Made from high strength aluminium alloy 6061-T6
Thread: Standard 3/4 - 14 NPSM

Supplied fitted with a Sherwood Pro valve. DIN / Yoke convertible

Catalina Dive Tank Cylinder Specifications:
Size: 80 cuft
Working pressure: 207 bar
Diameter: 184.2mm
Length: 650mm
Weight: 16.1kg
Water capacity: 11.1
Buoyancy empty: +.7kg

Note: Cylinder tanks are sold filled with 21% breathing air if being collected in person.

If being shipped, they will have to be filled at a reputable provider. 
Cylinders are approved for filling with Nitrox to a maximum of 40% oxygen at 15 degree Celsius. 
Under no circumstances are these cylinders to be filled with a greater oxygen content.

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